UK judge that forced Apple to apologize to Samsung now works for… Samsung

Absolutely crazy.

  • mvcmendes

    Is he the one that accused Apple of ‘lack of integrity’ over his own quote that the Tab wasn’t as cool as the iPad? I see.

    • Adriano Geletes


  • For the least ethical tech company on the planet that the courts have yet to smack down, this is par for the course.

    • BC2009

      The courts can smack down Samsung all they want, but they tend to get pardoned by their own executive branch in South Korea when the get convicted.

  • tylernol

    you cant make this shit up,…

  • satcomer

    Wow! I didn’t realize the U.K. was so corrupt!

    • corruptbritsRus

      You’re welcome! We’re very polite about it though.

  • kibbles


  • Isn’t it funny how all the Apple haters said that Apple bribed Lucy Koh and all the other judges that decided in favor for Apple – but the company with a CEO that was sentenced (and later pardoned, you can think of that what you want^^) for a few years of (suspended) jail time because his company bribed prosecutors, judges and politicians in South Korea is somehow the good guy?

  • I have two reactions to this: 1. THA FUHHH???! and 2. (channeling Gruber) Shocker.

    • BC2009

      You don’t think Samsung would bribe a public official, do you?


  • First tech journalism, now patent judges. There’s good money to be made in being anti-Apple.

  • Private sector, baby.

  • Chris Lu

    Whats absolutely crazy is:

    1. The fact that you don’t realize that 3 judges made the decision, not just one.
    2. That this judge doesn’t work for Samsung, he is being paid to be an expert witness in an ITC case against Ericsson.

    Kind of makes your and your fan’s feigned anger all the more hilarious.

    • Corruptination

      So he’s not being paid directly, but he is being paid to work for their legal team. Not much of a difference – he’s still getting money from Samsung no matter how you slice it.

      Sure, he’s one of 3 judges, but he’s also the one that accused Apple of lacking “integrity”. If you can’t see the irony there you need to get out of the reality distortion field.

  • That’s how capitalism works guys. What did you expect? A fair trial? The last one was in Guantanamo… Has anyone ever Watched “Damages”? It’s probably the most realistic law TV-Show ever.

    Of course we need to do something about it, but the solution is either very complex or just crashing the system.