Conan lampoons new iPad ad

  • Funny cause it’s true.

    • Mother Hydra

      Peggy Hill: HOO YEAH

  • TaosJohn

    I guess nobody else cares, but I really don’t like the proportions of the bezel on the iPad Mini and the upcoming iPad. I’m a symmetry freak, I guess. And yes, this one detail deflates my desire to upgrade my iPad 3.

    • dvdphn

      It was one of my reasons why I didn’t like the the iPhone and iPod Touch originally, but once you get past that and just admire the device and display, you can see why Apple decided to have its design the way it is, (not to mention how ugly/awkward the devices would be if it kept the same width border around the entire screen, like most 7-inch tablets out there).

    • accidentaldesign

      I know what you mean but I think a smaller device is worth it. Besides, it is still symmetrical on two axes in the way the iPhone has always been. At least it’s not like most Android tablets which are symmetrical on only one axis.


  • Mayson

    Don’t most porn sites still use Flash?

    • Did you really think Apple led the “get off Flash” movement? Porn moves the media industry (vhs, dvd, online video). It is a commonly accepted fact for us in media.

      Once porn went non-Flash, it became common.