Behind Mayers’ new telecommuting policy at Yahoo

Earlier today, CBS This Morning (video clip not yet available) mentioned that Mayer had viewed remote workers’ VPN usage, only to discover that employees were not using the virtual private network when and as often as they should be. If true, this would sound alarm bells for any executive, especially one at the helm of a company facing as many challenges as Yahoo does today.

This furthers my belief that telecommuting isn’t the core issue, but rather effective management of the remote workforce. Right now I’m sure everyone at Yahoo is under Mayer’s microscope, including the managers who have done a particularly poor job of handling telecommuting employees.

It may also save Yahoo money to make it unpleasant enough for these workers to quit rather than offer them severance.

  • ChuckO

    I work for a large company and work when I want from home. It’s every bit as easy to not work at the office as it is at home.

  • “VPN is harrrrrrd!”

  • Part of the memo is about random interactions with employees and about how that can make the work better. This is not a new concept. It was a concept that Steve Jobs championed with Pixar and the new proposed Campus 2. It is a concept that Google has taken to heart with their new proposed campus.

    Yahoo has been nothing but mediocre at best recently. Maybe forcing employees to interact will spur some innovation and inspiration to do better work instead of just staying in their bubble churning out the same old crap.

  • EzraWard

    I agree with getting rid of the working from home. If they truly believe they have an issue with employees being not productive from home, this seems like a good idea. Some people may leave without the option to work from home, but that’s to be expected. Once they have productivity to the levels they desire, they can slowly allow working remotely again. I’m not sure why we’ve seen all the outrage over this decision.