WSJ douchebaggery

A little while ago I sarcastically asked on Twitter how the Wall Street Journal could take good news about Apple and turn it into bad news. Well, they did it. I can’t even link to them, but Gruber noticed it too.

  • That was jaw-dropping douchey. That’s like Fox news-level douchey.

    • rattyuk

      Now you’re being unfair to Fox news… 😛 (jk)

    • DocRoss

      Of course WSJ and Fox are both owned by Murdoch. A douche is a douche is a douche is a douche (to paraphrase Gertrude Stein).

  • They probably know how few of their readers bother getting past the first graf or two.

    • rattyuk

      But don’t news aggregators only show the first 100 words or so?

      • Same effect. Deliberately misleading lead creates an impression that’s the opposite of the facts.

  • Saw this one in the morning, couldn’t believe my eyes. I honestly an article this incredibly douchey could only be a fever-induced hallucination.

    Holy crap. As if we needed more proof that the WSJ was out to get Apple.

    • rattyuk

      If only it was JUST the WSJ…

      • You’re right of course, but it calls into question anything they write.

        I hope Apple stops giving them exclusives or review units.