Tweetbot outs pirated copies of the app

This is brilliant.

  • Steven Fisher

    Interesting. But I wonder how good their piracy detection is. A coworker of mine bought some software years ago which eventually accused him of being a pirate.

    The developer apologized, of course. He even refunded the money. But if it had been a public accusation…?

    • They’ve somewhat sensibly made it so the user has to click the send button to post the piracy message to Twitter. It’s still potentially a risky move though with the way the legal system works. I’m sure someone could try to claim they never clicked the send button, and were falsely accused of being a pirate by the company behind Tweetbot.

    • Man how many times has Windows told me that I pirated my copy. ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’, those were the days.

      I’m all for this, to be honest I’m all for the app autoposting this message every hour when it’s pirated.

  • Devin

    Worth the risk considering how valuable user tokens are with twitter’s ridiculous limits on third party apps