Amazon warns users not to install Kindle iOS update

Apparently, a glitch in the update is erasing the user’s entire book library from their iOS device.

Brutal update.

  • Someone did great testing on this!

  • Can’t they just pull the update immediately?

    • Steven Fisher

      It’s impossible to pull the update and leave the old version, but yes, they can pull the app entirely until the update is available.

      They can also fast track an update, which should result in it being approved — well, already, really. I guess they haven’t.

  • Hardik Panjwani

    Thankfully I am not aggressive about downloading iOS app updates. Thanks for saving our bacon though Jim.

  • There. Brand new.

    Don’t thank me.

  • John David

    Well, I found out about this last night when I updated my iPad. I had to log in again & downloaded my books, but there was no other problems. I guess because I hadn’t updated my other iOS devices, So all my bookmarks were still in the right places after I had downloaded the books I’m currently reading.

    Thanks for the link to TUAW explaining what the hell happened!

  • Weiran

    Maybe they messed up their Core Data model upgrading.

  • Oh God this is like telling a child not to press the red button. I think I installed this update already but haven’t run the app. Must…. not…. launch…. app….. but….. can’t….. resist……

  • C

    Brutal? “the user’s entire book library” on their iOS device is a local cache. Kind of a hassle, maybe a little annoying. Not brutal.