All future EA games to feature microtransactions

They’re not just talking about future EA games for iOS and Android. All EA games are going to nickel and dime you to death from here on out.

Screw that.

  • Steven Fisher

    Doesn’t EA own basically every console game studio these days?

    (I mean, sure, I’m exaggerating. You can name studios that aren’t EA. But I bet the average schmo’s list of studios is going to be mostly EA.)

  • There is an impressive amount of innovation going on in the “Ruin every customer experience because MONEY” space these days.

  • GTWilson

    “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business”

    The delusion is strong with this one.

  • Once that backfires, guess who’ll lose his job first, the manager who came up with this bullshit idea or regular staff?

    How stupid can they get?

  • lucascott

    I have no issue with that. IF I can do everything in the game without buying and the purchases would just be a way to speed things up.

    And the slow version isn’t painfully slow

  • Gonji

    Just checked the Australian App Store. 52 one star ratings for Real Racing 3 complaining about the price of IAPs and the wait times. Seems not all are embracing the new way of business.

    RR3, there was a game I would’ve bought. Alas, will be sticking with RR2.

  • And yet Adobe and Microsoft are being applauded for subscription software.