Mozilla CEO sees opportunity for Firefox OS beside iOS, Android

With another 2 billion people hooking up to the Internet in the next five years, there’s plenty of room for another mobile operating system, Mozilla Chief Executive Gary Kovacs said today in a sales pitch for his new Firefox OS.

Mozilla’s lined up a dozen and a half carriers and handset makes including LG and Huawei to build devices based on the Firefox OS.

  • For me, Firefox OS looks like everything that is wrong with Android.

    Cheap devices with bad performance and bad screens, giving all power back to the ISPs.

    Yeah, no wonder that the carriers are behind Mozilla – because with Firefox OS, they’ll be able to charge for services that have been free for years on iOS and Android, they can lock in customers to their brand (There’s not an Apple- or Google appstore – it’s an AT&T, Verizon or Deutsche Telekom-appstore).

  • samdchuck

    Firefox became popular because it was better than the alternative, that hasn’t been the case for some time now, and I doubt it will be the case for the Firefox OS.

  • JohnDoey

    LG is unprofitable as a phone maker. No phone maker has ever returned from that.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’m just ignoring all news of firefox OS until it reaches some sort of critical mass and I’m forced to hear about it. Until that point I doubt anyone else will care either. What snowball’s chance do they have if even WP has failed to gain notable traction.

    • Unfortunately, they have a good chance.

      While WP targeted (at first) the higher end market, with devices selling for 350€/$ minimum, Firefox OS is targeting the devices 150€/$ maximum!

      So they are not competing with the iPhones and Galaxy S’, they are competing with the Huawei- and ZTE devices running Android.

      Und just like some carriers have begun to push Android, because they earn more by selling an Android device than by selling an iPhone, they will push Firefox OS, because Mozilla will do everything imaginable to lick the carrier’s