iOS dominates the enterprise market

This quarter’s report showed a clear preference for iOS devices, which accounted for 77 percent of all activations and captured eight of the top ten spots on the most popular device list this quarter. While Android activations dropped 6.3 percent as compared to Q4 2011, they still accounted for 22.7 percent of all activations for the quarter, which were primarily driven by Android tablets. Windows Phone devices came in a distant third for the quarter, capturing just 0.5 percent of overall activations.

The iPhone 5 was the most popular device activated in Q4 2012.

  • Walt French

    I assume that technologically, BB and WP devices are just as likely to use Good technology, and so subsequent quarters’ reports might be more than rounding errors… a bit more, anyway.

  • tylernol

    doomed. right…

  • Mother Hydra

    We used to be Blackberry only then transitioned to Android a few years ago. As soon as we began offering the iPhone people wanted to switch in droves, spending budgeted money to do so. I think this speaks more loudly than figures do, and many of my counterparts throughout the industry also see this trend continuing to accelerate.

  • BC2009

    And yet this headline from WSJ:

    “Report: Android Tablets Gain on iPads in Business Market”

    Same report, but they managed to spin it as a negative for Apple that their devices are completely dominating the enterprise.

    Of course, Market Watch yesterday had some idiot saying that Galaxy S3 has taken so much of Apple’s market share even though that it has failed to sell in 10 months what iPhone 5 sells in 1 month.

    I’m convinced that some of that marketing budget from Samsung is going towards paying folks in the media to plant these negative stories. None of the facts line up with the sentiment. At Apple’s current profit rate they will be able to buy back the company in less than eight years. If they increase profit by 71% in the next three to five years (as projected) they will be able to buy the company back from the share holders in six years.

  • If you see a business that allows their employees to use android phones, you know they have an incompetent IT manager.