Perhaps I’m biased but I believe the only cure for discouragement is dissatisfaction. That it is a key ingredient, perhaps the key ingredient, to success.

Great views from Patrick Rhone. I agree.

  • By people who are ‘dissatisfied’ and disrupt the status quo, one might imagine he means people who are selfish and want the world their way. That exercising their ego sometimes benefits the majority doesn’t make up for the disruptors who crash world economies or destroy ecosystems because they’re dissatisfied with their profit margins or the power their wield.

    Calling the majority – who just try to be good people, get along with others, obey the law, give to charity, raise their kids well, compromise and not rock the boat – mediocre is rather arrogant. He implies that disrupting the world is always a good thing. It’s not. Sometimes it’s just being egotistical and selfish.

    • ckoerner

      “do the bare minimum” I think that’s the big difference than the people you’re describing. Folks who raise their kids well and give to charity are people who work at something. People who work hard are cool. People who try to plug holes with their fingers and say everything is OK are not.