Google sends a cake to Fancy

Matthew Panzarino:

Apple sent one over to Fancy to commemorate its role as a launch partner on Google+ Sign-In. A picture of the cake was posted by Fancy’s Jake Frey and we confirmed that yes, it was indeed sent from Apple.

Love it.

Update: The original story was updated saying Google sent the cake, not Apple.

  • Except it was Google sending them that cake. Which actually makes sense.

  • Jimbo must be drunk on brewskies and letting his beard skim headlines and post here.

    • tylernol

      perhaps, but the article was incorrect and they changed it more recently than Jim posted it.

      • Steven Fisher

        What do you mean “perhaps”? Of course Jim is drunk!

        But the rest of what you said was true, too. 🙂

        • tylernol


  • Tvaddic

    They updated the article, it was from Google.

    • Steven Fisher

      I have to admit I’m relieved. That cake design was pretty ugly.

  • Slurpy2k12

    Jim, it boggles the mind how you could possibly believe a story of Apple sending Google a cake for launching something like that? I mean, as soon as I read that I knew it was bullshit- anyone who knows anything about the company would know that kind of move is not in their DNA. I’m shocked you believed it and reposted it.