LG acquires webOS

LG now claims complete ownership of the webOS source code, its documentation and webOS websites. It has obtained HP licenses, as well as the patents that Palm transferred to its owner when it was acquired in 2010.

LG will use the OS for its smart TVs.

  • Open source they said. Yeah right. Too bad what happened with WebOS. Wonder what Ruby is up to now.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. So much for open sourcing the OS.

  • Way to bury a potentially useful technology.

  • That’s a damn shame. webOS had some genuinely great ideas hobbled by Palm’s choice in hardware. LG and smart TVs sure won’t make any use of them.

  • Robert Hurst

    OpenWebOS is already open source. You can download the hole thing. http://www.openwebosproject.org/ I don’t know how LG can lock it up other than forking it, which is likely the case.

  • JohnDoey

    It’s interesting that they won’t use it on phones, considering that LG has not made a profit from their phones since iPhone shipped.

  • At first I was whooping, but then I facepalmed.

    So, LG, a company that’s being overshadowed by Samsung and most other players in the smartphone market for years, just bought one of the most innovative and well-liked mobile OSs from a company that had it rot in its archives.

    What are they going to do with it? Put it on smart TVs of course. Right.