Another iOS 6 lock screen flaw found

The difference between the first exploit and this one is how it can make the iPhone screen go black, allowing an attacker to plug the device into a computer via USB and access the user’s data without having their PIN or passcode credentials.

I don’t know how they find this stuff, but Apple has to get this fixed.

  • JohnDoey

    They will obviously get this fixed, and the Software Update system will update all devices.

    It’s worth noting, though, that you have to have physical possession of the iPad to exploit this flaw. All of the competing devices in the $329-to-$929 PC market are open to the Internet at all times and have more viruses than they have apps. FlashPlayer, Java, Android, and Windows app platforms are like red carpets for hackers.

    • Steven Fisher

      I know the report says this works on the iPad, but I don’t see how that’s possible.

  • Steven Fisher

    Is a simple passcode required for this exploit as well?

    (I’ve turned off simple passcodes for now.)

  • Mother Hydra

    This is now passing through the “mild irritant” stage to me. In the same vein as the always annoying yearly bouts with date bugs in iOS.

  • The Silver Fox

    This is so bad. Please Apple, use some of that $137 billion cash in your bank account to hire an army of security geeks to lock down iOS 6 – right now.

    • lucascott

      Yep they need to hire a private security guard for every iPhone and iPad owner to make sure that no one gets physical access to their stuff to use this exploit

      • The Silver Fox

        No, they just need to fix the software error is iOS 6 which allows this attack.