The Chromebook Pixel is not for you

The Wirecutter:

Google just announced its first premium Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive that I can’t think of a single person who should get one.

If you have the money to spend on the Pixel and you need the kind of hardware it’s packing, you have so many other better options.

This may be the future of “cloud based” laptops but in the here and now, this is an extravagant machine.

  • Is it extravagant because of price alone or the limitations+price.

    • Both. As the linked article says, there are better “full powered” laptops that will do more for the price and better Chromebooks that will do the same as the Pixel for a LOT cheaper.

      • Better Chromebooks? I thought this was the best?

        • JohnDoey

          I think he means “better choices in ChromeBook,” i.e. a ChromeBook whose price matches its extremely limited capabilities.

    • GTWilson

      A glorified web browser tarted up to look like and cost as much as a ultrabook yet having less real utility than a 400.00 throwaway laptop? That’s not extravagant. That’s a P.T. Barnum proof of concept.

  • My response to seeing the intro was very Darlympian: “Yup, nope.”

  • Alex

    So it looks like a MacBook Pro, has a Retina display like a MacBook Pro, it costs nearly the same as a similarly-specced MacBook Pro, but it can’t do 1/10th of what a MacBook Pro can do. Yeah, I’m so totally buying one…

    • Mayson

      Yeah, but it’s got a touch screen! Gorilla Glass! More pixels! Less flash memory! Less fat RAM! And up to 3 free Terabyte-years of Google Drive! What’s not to like?

      • JohnDoey

        Don’t forget the Google brand name and its zero years of computer hardware expertise and zero in-person support options.

    • JohnDoey

      I would love to see a side-by-side where one user is given a ChromeBook Pixel LTE ($1449, 32GB local storage) and another similar user is given a MacBook Air 11-inch plus iPad mini LTE ($1448, 64GB+16GB local storage, hotspot feature provides LTE to both devices,) give then a $100 Google Play card and $100 iTunes card, respectively, and then assign them common computing tasks like shoot and edit a 2–5 minute video and publish to YouTube, create a 2–5 page document with at least 1 stock illustration, create a 2–3 minute song from royalty-free loops, create and give a 2–5 minute presentation, play a casual game with an online friend, play a 3D game with an online friend, shoot and apply filters to 10–20 photos, and so on, answer an email while standing in line, watch a movie while on a plane, create a spreadsheet with charts and graphs, place a VoIP call, place a video call, show a friend an album of photos on the device and let them browse through them, import RAW photos from an SLR and organize them, and so on.

      When I do freelance work, I show up with a Mac and whatever they throw at me, I can do it. The Mac pays for itself in no time. I’ve been hired back at many places because I came in, pushed the Dell on the desk aside, put a MacBook Pro on there, and did 2x or more work in a day than my fellow Dell-using employees. AND solved problems they couldn’t solve. What if I spent my MacBook Pro money on ChromeBook Pixel next time? Am I going to get guaranteed return on investment like the Mac, am I going to keep my reputation as a miracle worker? I don’t see it.

      Also, in a touchscreen notebook, I think the touchscreen belongs on the bottom, replacing the touchpad, where your hands are. The top screen — if it is there at all — should be a second screen, like a TV is with an iPad.

  • JohnDoey

    The Wirecutter is so good. It’s the Apple Store of gadget blogs.

    • I have to admit, I’ve found very little to criticize anything I’ve seen on that site. Very sensible-sounding reviews.

  • Timmy

    Design is not bad — thank you Apple. Although, how strong is that hinge when you are constantly touching that screen? Also, yes the aspect ratio is better for the web, but it also means laptops are back to being large in height. The price is ridiculous. Half price, maybe. Still, you are fighting the full desktop OS here. What is fun is that software companies like MS and Google are now turning into Apple. Now they are saying that there is a need to control the whole experience, hardware and software — thank you Apple 😉 .

    • I think you’re right. If it were $700 or so, it’d prob move really fast.