Illinois town bans kids from only sledding hill


What happened to the America that once was? What happened to the America where kids could spend their snow-days at the local sledding hill, without cell phones in their snow-pants, laughing at their friends’ face-plants, throwing snowballs, and making the same yellow-snow jokes that their grandfathers made when they too were a bunch of rapscallions running through the slush?

That America exists no more in Paxton, Illinois. Because the Paxton Park District’s insurance provider ruled that its sledding hill is too risky. “The insurance would have skyrocketed if someone was hurt,” a parks board member told The Champaign News-Gazette.

One of the commenters said, “The park board ought to be able to erect a sign at the hill that says “Sled at your own risk.” How about NOT suing people because your kid got hurt horsing around, as kids will do? When I was a kid in Canada, I broke my leg playing on a local hill. There was never any discussion of a lawsuit.

  • Pete

    What do you bring up Canada? They have national health coverage. The government pays for medical care in the event of accident anyway. We have insurance companies whose obligation to satisfy shareholders compel them to resist paying out claims at all cost to human. Life.

    • Pete

      Why, not what. Sorry.

    • “What do you bring up Canada?”

      Because I was born, raised and sledded there. Sorry if that wasn’t clear from the comment I wrote on the story.

    • Boo

      No we do not] have “national health care”. Medical Insurance and distribution of care is handled on a provincial level. It is merely mandated at the federal level and is not a national system like they have in the UK. There is a huge difference.

      There is also a serious problem of rationing of certain services as well. I had to wait three months in tremendous pain for surgery that I would have had access to in days or weeks elsewhere.

      Yeah, if you are in an accident or are pregnant you are covered and the care is very good but quite often if you need, for example, diagnostic tests or have to see a specialist (such as a psychiatrist) you may have to wait many months or even more than a year.

      Neither of our systems are something to hold up as ideal and both need serious improvement.

    • This is why health insurers should be not for profit, the way BCBS of Michigan used to be.

  • One of the commentators points out that the hill in question is man-made which might make liability more of a problem even with a sign – that sign could be seen as an admission that they knew things were dangerous. It might not be enough to put a sign up. Maybe on a natural hill they could get away with it, but man-made might be different. It also seems that the insurance angle is more of a worse case scenario for the city. They never have been sued before and there isn’t one now. The problem is that the city is worried that it might happen and they could be found liable.

    • Byrn Baker

      Seems like the real problem is that the possibility exists where someone can sue. How about some frivolous suit laws be on the books… We should not have to live in fear of being sued its crazy.

  • JohnDoey

    Instead they should make insurance illegal.

  • This same sort of bullshit has my alma matter increasingly treating college students like milk-fed infants.

  • One more example of how screwed up health coverage here in the states. When you get injured, and your health insurance has to pay out, they start looking for people to pass on the cost. I saw it when my daughter had an E.R. visit, and when I had one. This is one of the many reasons why we need REAL health care reform in this country (IMNSHO, the Affordable Health Care Act will not fix this problem. It might even make it worse.)

  • Once again, Our country gets a bit more stupid…