Eddie Van Halen is one of the best there has ever been. This clip is from 1982.

  • I think that piece defined the entire generation of rock players, period. There wasn’t one guitarist in my high school who wasn’t learning to play it. I still refer to it for licks and motifs.

  • The problem with this song is iTunes. Eruption needs to be immediately followed by “You really got me”. Every time, without fail. Even if I have Shuffle on. iTunes makes it almost impossible to link the two songs even though it’s essential listening.

  • MacDork

    I think the reason we don’t many guitar greats like this anymore is partially because 12 minute guitar solos are dreadfully boring, even from one of the greatest guitarists in history. This solo was technically amazing, but not musically entertaining. In short, I didn’t tap my foot to it.

    Rodrigo y Gabriela may not be the type of music you’re into, but try this one on for size.

  • Crabbit_Git

    This particular performance is a mess.

  • scottman

    Maybe I was too hold when this happened (30), but it never did a lot for me. Lots of the same two hand taps and a lack of flow found me wanting it to end.