Civ V Gold gathers everything in one package

Aspyr has announced the release of Civilization V Gold Edition, a new release of the civilization-building strategy game for the Mac. It’s available for download from Steam, and other download services for $50.

Civilization V Gold Edition is a compendium that collects all previously-released Civilization V content into one package, so if you’ve been holding off on buying the game because of all the different add-on packs, now may be the time. More specifically, the new collection includes:

  • Civilization V base game
  • Civilization Pack – Babylon
  • Double Civilization and Scenario Pack – Spain and Inca
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack – Polynesia
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack – Denmark & The Vikings
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack – Korea
  • Cradle of Civilization Map Pack – The Americas
  • Cradle of Civilization Map Pack – Asia
  • Cradle of Civilization Map Pack – The Mediterranean
  • Cradle of Civilization Map Pack – Mesopotamia
  • Explorer’s Map Pack
  • Scenario Pack – Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion pack

Aspyr notes that the Gold Edition isn’t available through the Mac App Store, but to level the playing field, they’ve temporarily dropped the price of Civilization V: Campaign Edition and its add-in content – all the same stuff you’ll find in the Gold Edition – to be equal.

  • John David

    This is a great deal at $50. Have loved the franchise since Sid Meier’s first version. Never gets old, always something new to try or approach the game from strategically.

  • eyepaq

    Very happy to see that for $20 you can upgrade a regular Civilization V purchase to the Gold Edition. Buy it on Steam and you get both Mac and PC versions for the same price. Mac App Store of course only gets you the Mac version.