The Knee Defender

A little device to protect your knees on flights.

  • samdchuck

    If anyone tried that on my chair I would demand that they take it of, get a flight attendant and eventually request a new seat. Seriously, if you use this you’re an asshole.

    • gjgustav

      Yep, there’s no way any airline would allow this.

    • LOL Spoken like someone under six feet tall. 🙂

    • Seriously? If you insist upon crushing my knees, you’re not worth taking seriously.

  • Protecting tall people’s knees is definitely something airlines can do better about, but a lot of people are just whining about a) screen gets “too” close; b) laptop can’t fully expand without restig an edge on their stomach c) they can’t cross their legs d) “feeling uncomfortable”.

    If anything the whiny attitude of the original slate article and the too-simple “I agree” link posts aren’t helping the over-six-foot passengers at all.

    Why not demand the airline to ask for a seat-reclining preference? Seat the non-recliners together and let the whiners continue to whine without humor.