Slayer fires drummer Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo:

“So that you all know the truth, as of the end of the business day on February 14th, I was notified that I would not be drumming for the tour in Australia. I’m saddened, and to be honest I am shocked by the situation.”


  • tylernol

    and for his questioning of the band’s paltry 10% cut from touring?

  • Sean

    Follow the money. Wonder if somebody is taking more than their share?

  • Me thinks the power player has some not so proper deals in place with management. Why else would a guy getting 2.5% of tour income get so defensive all of a sudden and side with management. It is pretty well known that artists make very little of record sales and in return are supposed to get the lions share from ticket sales and merch.

  • CC Chamberlin

    I was not a Slayer fan until I saw them in concert (I had gone to see Testament). I’d only heard their studio work, which had felt pretty staid to me, but their live performance was excellent and full of energy. Dave Lombardo was a MONSTER on the drums, and he was easily the most impressive part of the show. Unlike most drummers who sit down to play drums, he had a stand that he leaned against, so that he could run on the double-bass drum pedals for certain songs. It’s how they achieve some of the uniquely frantic, hard-driving pieces that I’ve come to associate with the band. When I think of Slayer, I think of their amazing drummer.

    I don’t live in Australia, so I guess my thoughts mean nothing to the Slayer corporate entity, but if I did live in Australia, this would be a deal-breaker for me buying tickets.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Unleash the Dogs of War! Ummmm I meant the lawyers. Definitely time to do some investigation and find out who is greedy. Unfortunately that means court time.

    Just a thought

  • lousyhat

    I’ve gotta agree with DigitizedSociety. Tom and Dave hired the auditors, so I’m letting Tom off the suspicion hook. Kerry’s reaction may just be him being surly (which wouldn’t surprise me), but it sounds like he’s got some explaining to do.