Eddie Van Halen vs. Slash argument lands couple in jail

A couple was arrested after their argument over who was the greatest guitarist of all time became so heated that Motel 6 staff was forced to call the Brook Park police.


  • JDSoCal

    Of course, it’s neither. It’s Jimi Hendrix.

  • Jimi Hendrix can’t play so much as a note any more. I play better than him.

    • I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he’s been dead since 1970…

      Einstein was right after all, human stupidity IS infinite.

    • JohnDoey

      At any particular second, there are probably over a million people listening to Jimi Hendrix play guitar. And that goes on every day all day for almost 50 years now.

  • Slash? Please.

  • Tony

    As much as i love and respect slash, the comparison is ridiculous, eddy van halen is among the greatest that ever played the instrument, a whole diffrent league, the ones that took the art form beyond the posibillities of the time and furder more. Slash’s league is the one that is heartfelt interpretation rather than thenique, there you have jeff beck,keith richards,brian zetzreler and so on…there you have a genuine argument. My opinion

  • JohnDoey

    Neither Eddie Van Halen nor Slash are the greatest guitarist of all time. Solved.

  • robosoul

    What a stupid argument to be having in the first place. Why does there even have to be a best? It’s not like playing guitar is a competition. Dumb.

  • GTWilson

    That fight could have been stopped. All it would have taken is walking up to them and saying, “C. C. DeVille”.

  • Donovan.