Don’t try to sell Microsoft’s secret console on eBay

The man responsible for several leaks on Microsoft’s upcoming console, codenamed Durango, has had his home raided by the Australian police and an FBI agent.

People are so stupid.

  • Mathew Rice

    Indeed, “People are so stupid.”, but it’s the smart ones who get away with their crimes that we don’t usually hear about… No one (entity) wants to admit when they’re losing…

  • “Allegedly, SuperDaE could be looking at 20+ years in prison with a possible consecutive life sentence if convicted.”

    20+ and possible consecutive life sentence for trying to sell a pre-release console!? WTF!? Even if the console was stolen and thus an actual, physical crime that’s just outrageous. This is video games we’re talking about people. And he could get 20+ years or a life sentence? Someone (prosecutors, Microsoft, police, etc.) needs to take a step back and think about what they’re doing.

    • Note the “allegedly” part. That sounds like the maximum sentence for a conviction – something he is unlikely to get. He hasn’t been found guilty or sentenced yet

      I can picture a scenario where somebody gets 20 Years for stealing something – say corporate espionage or something where I can see the statute calling for 20 years.

      I don’t know where the life sentence is coming from – sounds like an enhancement that probably doesn’t apply. I think the article here or someone is proably using a bit of exaggeration. It is possible that lawmakers are going for the max – I would expect them to do that. It is unliley that they will get it though.

    • darwiniandude

      Life in Australia means life in prison, not the removal of life from your body. Still, excessive. The guy is obviously stupid, the correct thing to do is to sell the console to Gizmodo.

      • I’m pretty sure “life” means prison everywhere, mate. We say “death” otherwise.

        • Jim

          I think he is joking (?) that living in Australia is the same as a life long sentence in jail.

  • Patrick Henry

    If by “people” you mean Australian police and FBI agents, then yes, yes “people” are stupid.

  • Thank God for stupid people. Without them, we would be sorely lacking in good, quality entertainment.