Video: What it’s like using Google Glass

That does look cool.

  • The stuff that looks cool is stuff you can already do with a GoPro today (in higher quality too). Maybe not the Kendo match. I also wonder when professional dancers, ice skaters, atheletes and models will wear the silly glasses.

    That said: The search and translation capabilities do look useful.

    • Agreed. Also don’t see why you couldn’t do the kendo match.

      But just like using a phone requires a timeout from what you’re actually doing to send a photo/video/text, so will glass.

    • gjgustav

      Wearing silly glasses? As opposed to what, a GoPro strapped to their head? Yeah, that’s much less silly.

    • lucascott

      The dancers etc might be a time when this sort of thing could be useful. Remember the monitors patent from Apple. Getting a close ‘in the scene’ view could provide more data for analysis..

  • This video is still faking glass in a way I don’t think the real product can possibly work. They can’t project “darkness” onto the glasses, and any colors they project are mixed with the background, so I don’t see how they could reproduce dark/accurate colors in photos or videos as shown here. The only “color” Glass can reliably project is “lighten”, or if they’re really good, white.

  • New game in town: keep saying “ok glass google photos of porn and share to my boss” out loud when you see someone with Google Glasses.

  • BGC

    Google glass – the new way to share the last bit of privacy with Google to get monetized. It comes in two types: A) Nerd and B) Trojan Horse edition which makes customers believe all it does is to do useful voice activated things while transmitting data back home.

    I wouldn’t want to wear it, which I guess is fine for anyone involved. I wouldn’t want to talk to or stand in the line of sight of anyone wearing the Big Brother device, which I guess is not so fine for everyone involved. I want to remain protected from getting recorded and uploaded to Google against my will as a data feed for advertising and face recognition.

    I am not a product.

  • Stuart

    The future looks creepy (and also nauseating)! Do I have to ask people to take their glasses off incase they’re recording everything? Will anyone have any form of attention span, instead just looking at you with glazed eyes whilst they arse about with online stuff? Next your life will also come with some ‘cool’ soundtrack. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Great, I can now finally look like an idiot while Google is spying on my life and earning money from it.

  • not only is this stupid and invasive but emotionally, it takes you out of being present and in the moment.

    people will not like you when they know you’re not paying attention.

    • Tvaddic

      You could say the exact same thing about people listening to headphones, and playing with their phones.

  • I can see the potential use in certain work situations where it’d help to keep one’s hands free. But for personal events? Feh.

    • lucascott

      Remember the movie Strange Days

      • Never saw it, but I believe I understand what you mean.

  • samdchuck

    And all this would be way more awesome if you didn’t have to talk to it. I can’t stand talking to my phone, computer, etc. hate it with a passion.

  • tylernol

    I’d rather stick a GoPro on my helmet on the occasion when I am doing something “epic” like snowboarding or a bike race, the persistent capability to record video with the Glass is going to spook a lot of people. If someone casually walks up to you wearing these things, you are going to think you are being recorded.

    • Yeah, that’s a concern for sure. Maybe there is a red light or something. 🙂

      • tylernol

        but even if there was a red light, would you trust someone with it off? Pretty easy to disable a light.

        • If I was doing something I didn’t want recorded, probably not.

  • dmarcoot

    is it real or a concept video? And if its a concept video, it’s bullshit PR

    • quietstorms

      A concept. Google Glasses can’t even record in HD currently which makes it extremely useful.

    • It’s real. They showed video recording/hangout last year at Google IO.

      Remember last year everyone said it was concept tech then they blew everyone away w/ using it IRL at Google IO? Yeah…Google isn’t Microsoft, in this respect. They don’t do much futuristic videos for the sake of it.

      • Joe

        For what definition of “real”? Clearly this video is not even attempting to accurately represent an actual user’s experience — for one small thing: where’s the big thick temple-peice (needed to support the HUD and extending back to the ear)? It should be over on the side of the video frame with the video inset (to the user’s right, in this case). Obviously this sort of video would have to be faked up, since there are no humans yet who can directly record the feed of their optic nerve, but Google could have at least tried to be more accurate in representing what the actual experience will be like for the user. I think giving up a chunk of peripheral vision could be a problem for many people (though admittedly maybe not for the type of person who would be willing to wear this sort of gadget in the first place…)

        • The recorded video would not show the hardware.

          It is possible they used Glass recorded video then added the HUD in post-production or it is video camera shot footage w/ the HUD over it.

          I believe the idea here is “here is how you would use Glass”, which seems to be what this crowd screams for in other marketing videos. 😉

  • I think this has the same potential (and hype) as the Segway. Probably some niche and commercial uses as a geeky “futuristic” device, but not something with mass market appeal or potential.

    Does everyone here remember “Ginger” and “IT”? All the ridiculous hype and silly quotes of changing the world? Glass is similar just less secretive. Just like no one would actually use a Segway as a normal means of jaunting about town, no one will use Glass as a normal accessory.

  • Just wonder how long the build in battery will last? 1 hour? Or it come with a battery pack that you have to carry it around?

  • lucascott

    I like some of the usage ideas like the directions and the video/photo stuff.

    But they are so ugly and I’m not fond of this idea of them projecting stuff onto my eyes.

    Give me something that looks more like a standard pair of glasses where it appears on the inside of the lens, I can control with my phone if I don’t want to be a dbag talking out loud to my glasses etc and I might be more willing to give them a whirl.

  • It is pretty awesome. This is a game changer and I can’t wait for it to hit the market.

  • Mother Hydra

    I can see this as enabling stealthy porn viewing at work. So I must sit squarely on the side of this device. Other usage scenarios still conjure 1984.

  • ort888

    It’s funy how much more toned down this sizzle video is from the one they put out a year ago that had colorful vidid graphics flying all over your field of vision.

  • This can’t be the final version, I don’t see any ads.

  • Space Gorilla

    So I guess this means Google will be going out of business, since there were zero ads in this demo and Google makes almost all its money from advertising.

  • matthewmaurice

    i remember thinking that leaked MS Courier video looked pretty cool, too. The device depicted in this video is just as big a fantasy.

  • Anthony 

    IfIHadGlass I could be $1500 poorer and look like a dork while ignoring the world around me so I could stare at my Glass display. Wonder how long before some idiot runs over some kid because he was trying to text his wife instead of paying attention to the road…

    • If they launch at $1500, it’ll be a non-starter. I believe it is that purely during this pre-alpha stage so only serious developers/parties take part.

  • Vyaname

    It does not confirm if this presentation was also shot/sourced from Glass. I would be impressed if the Glass video/audio quality was near or equaled what’s presented.

    • I’d prob say it isn’t or at least some of it isn’t since they’re showing the HUD and that wouldn’t be a part of the recording itself.

  • Ask this guy what it’s like to wear these things. He’s been wearing video tech since the 1980s, and he’s been accosted several times because of it.

    A lot of places people think are public are actually private businesses, and they are likely going to ask you to remove your Glass if you plan on shopping in their stores, etc. What is done now with camera phones pales in comparison to what this will bring, and privately owned places are going to balk at it.