Twitter’s brand battle

Some interesting changes from Twitter.

  • I’m really starting to dislike what Twitter is becoming. It makes me wonder when ads (a.k.a. promoted Facebook statuses tweets) will become mandatory in third party clients. Or when muting will be banned, or at least muting of certain types of tweets.

    • Agreed. At that point, I will turn Twitter off and be none the worse for it.

      • Do you use Twitterrific? Twitter had them make some stupid changes to the loading animation. The app that is responsible for many of the things Twitter has become,

        Should twitter go down that road—and I’m increasingly confident they will—services like will get some more users. I only hope they’ll survive long enough to see that influx when the time comes.

        • Nope. I use YoruFukurou on the desktop and Tweetbot on iOS.