Life at Apple after Steve Jobs


That was the one-word answer given by Apple (AAPL) chairman Arthur D. Levinson when asked to describe his experience running the company’s board of directors since Steve Jobs’s death. Levinson, who joined the board in 2000, was a colleague and close friend to Apple’s legendary founder and CEO. On Tuesday, he said that Jobs’s absence remains tough to ignore even as the company has continued introducing new products and making fresh announcements.

  • Jason Ip

    after “Taking CNN down a peg or two”, we’re back to linking to them again; typical Apple fanboy

    • gjgustav

      looking at your post history and this nonsensical post (let’s just use the opposite of fanboyism to call him a fanboy), I have to wonder WTF you are even posting here for?

    • “Fanboy” is code for “I can’t build an argument, but i still want the attention.”

    • By that reasoning, nobody should ever care about what you write, even if you start sounding intelligent someday.

  • Domicinator

    I think a lot of people are taking this as “we’re lost without Steve Jobs”, and I really don’t think that’s what he meant. I think it means exactly what he said–that it’s weird to not have Steve Jobs in the board room. Levinson and Jobs were close friends and colleagues–I wouldn’t expect he would say anything else.