iPhone 5 becomes the world’s best-selling smartphone

Apple’s iPhone 5 became the best-selling in the world in Q4 2012, outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S3, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

According to its research, Strategy Analytics said Apple shipped an estimated 27.4 million units worldwide during Q4, giving it 13 percent market share of all smartphones shipped. The research firm also said that Apple shipped 17.4 million iPhone 4S units for 8 percent smartphone share globally in the quarter.

“Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are currently the world’s two most popular smartphone models,” wrote Strategy Analytics.

Together, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S accounted for 1 in 5 of all smartphones shipped during the quarter.

The research firm estimates the Samsung Galaxy S3 came in third place with 15.4 million units shipped and a 7 percent market share.

  • Droid Doesn’t

    But-but Android and Sammy are “winning”. Apple is doomed!

    • rattyuk

      Android has the largest market share…

      Save when you break that down: (data from Android developer site, all Android by version Feb 4th)

      Donut 0.20% Eclair 2.20% Froyo 8.10% Gingerbread 45.60% Honeycomb 1.30% Ice Cream Sandwich 29.00% Jelly Bean 12.20% Jelly Bean 1.40%

      So 56% are on honeycomb and below. The latest update (by then 4.2 – not 4.2.2 which was released after) has a massive 1.4% uptake. WINNING.

      I bet yesterday’s iOS update is bigger than the whole of Jelly Bean by now already.

      • chjode

        But the guy writing for CNN/Business Insider said Samsung phones get software updates, too! UPDATES!

        • rattyuk

          1.4% of them then…

          • chjode

            Updates! See? Just like Apple! Identical, in fact!

            I can’t wait for the inevitable commercial where Samsung touts that they will even update your phone (maybe) with new features (maybe) based on consumer feedback (aka whatever Apple is doing).

        • orbitly

          My friend with an S2 refuses to update to 4.0. He says he likes the experience he has right now.

      • SSShu

        Gingerbread is winnin’!

  • fastasleep

    And AAPL is down another $8.50 today.

    • Are you one of those people who believe the market works on reason not much on emotion.

      • fastasleep

        Neither, just stating a fact. All the FUD against Apple was blamed for driving the stock down, but now that all this good news is coming out, it’s still going down. I’m one of those people who would like to see it go up. 🙂

  • but of course the reason for foxconn’s hiring freeze is due to iphone 5’s “falling demand.” -_-

    • rattyuk

      Blame now shifted to HPQ orders… The rumor that keeps on giving.

  • Louis

    I say BS, they are pulling these number out of the air. It’s not possible to conduct a worldwide study like this with any accuracy. They probably took the iPhone 5 numbers reported by the USA carriers and worked from that. Only Apple knows how many iPhone 5’s have been sold, and they’re not telling.

    • rattyuk

      At least we have numbers… Everyone else, not a peep.

  • Good for Apple NOT good for The Guardian, The BBC online and The Huffington post.

    If the numbers were against Apple, it would have been the END of the good sense for those dumb people.

  • Android market has increased and we cannot say that iphone 5 is the best smartphone, as galaxy s3 has also been in more demand. Market has lots of ups and downs so you never know what will happen but still iphone 5 is a better device.

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