Taking CNN down a peg or two

I really don’t understand what CNN and other mainstream media are doing these days, but their articles make very little sense. Here’s a good takedown of CNN’s latest.

  • rattyuk

    To be honest Kovach is a son of Henry Blodget’s school of journalism, quite how he managed to place an article with CNN is beyond comprehension.

  • chjode

    Google/Android/Samsung continues to fight the specification war, whereas Apple rarely does that and instead focuses on what people do with their iOS devices.

    • rattyuk

      “Grid of static icons” is the new empty argument.

      • JohnDoey

        It is also a way to filibuster the conversation about apps, which favors Apple by far.

        If people want to see an innovative addition to the iOS interface, look at GarageBand. I have a small recording studio with a Mac, Apogee hardware, microphones, drum kit, piano, guitar, and bass. I used to think it was amazingly small and portable, but GarageBand on a 4S with an Apogee MiC has the exact same workflow. The iPhone simply changes into drums or guitar as required. It actually does have to be seen to be believed. It shouldn’t work as well as it does. There is nothing else like it.

      • lucascott

        That comment just shows how out of touch they are. When I am using my device I’m in an app. So who cares if the icons sing and dance when I’m looking at them for less than a second

  • Jason Ip

    wow, any time mainstream media knocks Apple you guys take out the pitchforks… please. Somebody call the waaaaambulence

    • rattyuk

      Oh, that Steve Kovach would ever be “mainstream media”.

    • stsk

      Hey Trollboy, you clearly know the constituency of this blog, yet you post your Fandroid drivel here. Go away. P.S. Jim, please block this douchenozzle.

      • P.S. Jim, this douche wants you in his nozzle

    • JohnDoey

      We know that it’s you, Steve Kovach. You’re not fooling anybody with that ridiculous pseudonym.

  • stsk

    For some time I’ve been completely stumped about how so many wall streeters and bloggers could be so completely idiotic, but I think I’m beginning to understand where Samesung’s obscene marketing budget meets Samesung’s indictments for bribery.

  • JohnDoey

    CNN cannot get any lower.

    • rattyuk

      We should wait and see about that…

      • Mother Hydra

        THIS. I bet they can further disappoint.