Apple’s new iPad TV ads



  • Domicinator

    Apple ads always seem to be very manic depressive. They’re either really crazy or really sentimental and subdued. I actually prefer the latter. These new ads bug me.

    • I kind of liked how they harken back to the uptempo iPad ads. It made me happy.

    • lucascott

      Apple’s product audience is also a tad manic depressive as well. These ads are for the other side.

    • Apple runs ads in several styles. They have a broad demographic to address, and they target ads for different audiences. These ads probably weren’t meant for you. And I imagine if the style represented above wasn’t working for them, Apple would have stopped making them that way.

      • Domicinator

        Oh, I’m sure you’re right. And believe me, I’m a huge cheerleader for Apple. But I’m sure these ads will work well, as I’ve seen a lot of praise for them.

  • Not sure I like the group shout, but I do like the overall idea and content. The area where the iPad has a HUGE advantage over all other Tablets (small, mini, large, extra large, clicking or non-clicking) is in apps. I’d press that advantage ad nauseum.

  • Kind of neat how the hands change depending on the app. For baby apps, they have baby hands.

  • I don’t know how they ever landed on the concept for these ads – the words flying by, the shouting chorus, etc – but the results are fantastic. At its core this is the old standard “show them using the product” approach that works, but with new, vibrant life breathed into it. Well done.

  • lucascott

    Anyone figure out all the apps shown?

    • quietstorms

      Apps shown in the ads include AmpliTube,, GarageBand, TED, iMovie, iBooks,Dinosaur Zoo, Toca Hair Salon, The Lonely Beast ABC, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, Vimeo, Rockmate, Glow Hockey 2 HD, and FaceTime.

      Credit goes to MacRumors.

  • Ok, all. These commercials came on tonight and I got my wife’s opinion on these two.

    Me: Thoughts? Wife: I like it. It shows functionality. They show what you can actually do…more than just dance (Surface commercial).

    After the second one, I asked again.

    Me: Thoughts? Wife: I like it. It shows functionality. (yes, she repeated herself; lol) Me: If you didn’t have an iPad and wanted a tablet AND…weren’t married to me (a techie) then saw the this commercial and the Surface…which would you buy?

    ….(without delay)….

    Wife: iPad. They showed me neat stuff it could do. In the Surface ad they just showed me you could pop-lock. (followed by “pop pop pop” while she locked).

    LMBO. Long comment but it sums up what Jim/others have been saying. She still likes the Surface commercials (for the fun aspect) but product marketing wise…iPad wins. To that point, I agree.

    (sorry so long winded) 😉

  • Klattu

    i think that android is still better without these features.