On beating Apple to the punch

In thinking about the latest round of rumors of another company supposedly “beating” Apple to a market in which Apple hasn’t entered yet, I remembered how this sort of scenario happened many times in the past. I wanted to understand if “beating to the punch” is really the parameter we should be looking at.

Couldn’t agree more.

  • Agreed. They aren’t overly concerned about 1st just best and that’s what makes them great.

  • Beating anyone to the wrong punch is still a valid punch beating maneuver, right?

  • Craibbit_git

    My particular favourite is :

    April 2012: The Los Angeles Times asks whether IKEA has beaten Apple to an all-in-one television.

    IKEA, the world leader in manufactured flat-pack furniture has suddenly taken a Corporate dogleg into consumer electronics?

  • Samesung added voice control to their dumb tv range after hearing a rumour that a possible Apple television product would have Siri integrated – ‘innovation’ at its best…

  • Let’s not forget that Apple was among the last of the majors to enter the MP3-player market… and we can see how badly that worked out for them.