Japanese PC maker working on Sega-themed laptops

“I don’t care about the specs, I want one.” That Neogaf user’s comment likely sums up how other retro-gaming aficionados will feel about a new notebook PC from Japanese PC retailer Enterbrain, built in conjunction with Sega. The model sports covers themed in three of the classic consoles, namely Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast, along with a generic Sega-branded model.

Too expensive and running the wrong operating system, but very cool looking. No word on whether they’re loaded with Sega games or emulation software, but I doubt it.

  • Someone put Linux on there quick!

    No, I love SEGA. I want one, but… meh. Too expensive for now. Someone should make skins for the MacBook Pro…

    • JohnDoey

      There are thousands of MacBook Pro cases and also companies that will paint or engrave your MacBook Pro. Take Sega artwork to an engraver and you are done.

  • JohnDoey

    And so the Windows PC becomes a decorative tchotchke for a small number of diehard collectors. Completely appropriate.

  • I’d rather put a Gelaskin on a MacBook.