These Archos tablets look familiar

Where have I seen these before?

  • chjode

    They look like Samsung tablets!

    Wait a minute…

    • lucascott

      Yep. Samsung should sue

  • 2 of those actually use iPad displays – the 8″ and the 9.7″. I wonder if Archos is getting left over displays that don’t pass Apple’s QC.

    • Techpm

      Well the battery life will probably be laughable.


    Just seems like a clone to me. I don’t know how they’re going to power all those pixels with a crummy SoC.

  • Techpm

    Well it worked out for Samsung, so Archos is hoping for the same.


    The ARCHOS 80 Platinum, 8”, 1024×768 (4:3) – 160 PPI The ARCHOS 97 Platinum HD, 9.7”- 2048×1536 (4:3) 264 PPI The ARCHOS 116 Platinum, an 11.6” – 1920×1080 (16:9) – 190 PPI

    160 gets scale of 1. 190 gets scale of 1.1875 265 gets scale of 1.65

  • Terry Alyn Maraccini

    Hey! aren’t those the new Galaxy tablets from Samsung? They sure are handsome. I wish Apple could make a product like this.

  • Ridiculous copy! I seriously couldn’t believe it. I thought the screen was Photoshopped at first.

    I’ll NEVER buy a knockoff like this. #shameful

  • Archos still exists?

  • Isn’t it great how those mentioning in the comments on AndroidCentral that this thing looks exactly like an iPad are called trolls?

    • “Hey, the emperor is naked, not wearing any clothes at all!”

    • “Troll!!!”

    So you’re a troll in the eyes of the Fandroid crowd when you’re stating the truth.