Apple comments on iPhone passcode bug

Reports of a bug in iOS 6.1 that would allow users to gain access to an iPhone by entering certain keys on the device have come out over the past couple of days. Apple responded on the issue today.

“Apple takes user security very seriously. We are aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update,” An Apple representative told The Loop.

There was no word when the update would be available, but Apple is usually pretty quick to fix issues like this.

  • Jason Ip

    so wait, the all powerful Iphone has security bugs too? huh

    • rattyuk

      But much fewer phishing scams in the official store and it certainly doesn’t send your name, district you live in and email address to every developer who’s program you purchase…

      • LMBO. Going to run that feather in your cap into the ground I see. 😉

      • Are you forgetting the address book fiasco that Apple took an age to shut down?

        • Steven Fisher

          It happened a couple times. Maybe a half dozen popular apps. I’m not understating it. Anything greater than zero was a serious problem. Apple should have done better.

          But calling it a “fiasco” compared to the portion of Android apps still stealing data? Sheesh.

    • Ben Randolph

      Who said that the “all powerful iPhone” doesn’t have security bugs? Most people say that it simply has fewer than Android.

      • Most people on here would say that. Many Android sheep would say the opposite. The truth is that both operating systems probably have a relatively equal share of security bugs and flaws.

        The better argument you can easily make is most iOS users have access to timely security updates for a lot longer than Android device owners who rarely receive any security fixes. The iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 are shining examples on the iOS side that I doubt any Android device comes close to matching.

  • chjode

    Has anyone confirmed whether or not changing to a 5+ digital passcode fixes this? I’ve read mixed reports and I’m unable to successfully break into my iPhone using this super weird process.

    • James Wright

      The new iOS update to 6.1.2 does not fix the passcode issue and having a complex passcode does not prevent access. I am able to reproduce this bug with iPhone 5 GSM iOS 6.1.2 with a complex passcode set. Hope that helps.

  • Steven Fisher

    Sheesh. That’s quite a sequence. Not that it’s excusable: The iPhone’s fallback from the lock screen should always be the lock screen.