Answering a Rogers Wireless survey

Scroll to the bottom for Phae’s response. You could probably substitute your carrier for Rogers and write the same thing.

  • Chrome threw up a big warning when I tried to access that site…

    • leeFX

      I think it’s because Phae (as she mentioned in her comment) was logged into her SquareSpace account (*

  • John Hynes

    So did Safari.

  • Ditto.

  • Rogers isn’t bad in Halifax. They’re terrible in the rest of Nova Scotia. My main problem with them is I live in dead spot right in Halifax. I get no service at home

  • FetusJiz

    So Rogers has sucky internet speeds but he’d rather be a petulant child and tell them to fuck off than help them collect independent data? How does that help anything? Not to defend Rogers – they’re bullshit — but it looks like they’re trying to get data, and I personally have never had any problems with their Internet speed.

  • The security warning in Chrome is because Jim linked to an https:// page that doesn’t have a proper certificate. Change it to http:// and it’ll work fine.

  • The https/bad cert problem was my fault. I was still logged in when I sent the link over to Jim.