Adobe improves responsive Web design with Edge Reflow for Creative Cloud

Adobe Systems on Thursday unveiled new enhancements to its Creative Cloud offering aimed at designers producing content for the Web. The first public preview of Edge Reflow is available, along with updates to Edge Animate, Dreamweaver and Edge Code.

edge reflow

Edge Reflow helps designers create layout and visual designs using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), seeing instantly how their designs will be impacted when they’re presented on different screen sizes. The resulting CSS can be extracted for use with any HTML code editor.

Edge Animate gets new CSS-based features like gradients, filters and enhanced font support, while the Creative Cloud-exclusive update to Dreamweaver adds interoperability with Adobe Edge Tools & Services, as well as some new features like Edge Web Font support. Edge Code adds code hinting for CSS properties and HTML tags/attributes.

The updates and the preview to Edge Reflow are available free for all Creative Cloud members. A subscription for individuals costs at $49.99 per month; special rates for students and users of CS3 or later are also available.

  • Vic

    There’s also a free subscription level for Creative Cloud, and Edge Reflow is available there, too. To sign up for a free membership, go to and follow the instructions to get started.

  • Nick Halbakken

    The Adobe Edge Reflow Preview is also available for free to those using a free Creative Cloud membership:

  • JohnDoey

    I miss the days when I enjoyed Adobe’s work, but every time I think of upgrading my Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash CS3, the fact that it seems to require a special training course just to understand Adobe’s product lineup sends me running back to Motion, Pixelmator, Hype, PaintCode, Sketch, and other Mac App Store apps that are easy to buy, own, update, and also a joy to use, creating modern output for YouTube, App Store, iBookstore, iTunes Music Store, and the Web. And when I upgrade my MacBook Pro, the Mac App Store apps will essentially be pre-installed. If you are familiar with the Adobe Installation Gauntlet, this is a big deal by itself. It is remarkable how well-treated I feel by the Hype team and how badly-treated I feel by the Flash team, even though I’ve been using Flash since 1997.

  • They are trying to pivot and be a tool creator instead of a specific technology evangelist, but is it too late?

  • W_

    I use Adobe products, when I have to open an old file I haven’t converted into some other, more accsessible format yet.

  • Michael Kern

    Too Little Too Late! I have to agree with JohnDoey in comments, I don’t want to have to take a course with every roll-out

  • I’ve been using Adobe products for years now. I’m glad that there is new to Adobe. I’d like to see and try this.