This is one crazy-ass analyst

Cult of Mac put together some of Jefferies analyst Peter Misek’s predictions over the past couple of years. How does this man still have a job?

  • GTWilson

    Analysts: The modern age’s answer to Court Jesters.

  • gjgustav

    His strategy is to continue to predict AppleTV nonsense until it happens. Then he’ll say “Look! I told you so.”

  • Kyle Braund

    These BS rumors/predictions have consequences. Prediction: In December 2012 – Peter cited “supply chain source” to claim that iPhone 5 part orders have been cut drastically.”(Cult of Mac). I believe this brave prediction caused an AAPL free fall (from 525 to 498).

  • tyr

    Must be nice to have one of those jobs where you can talk out of your ass all day. Usually that’s limited to management.