Putting 370 million Apple Store visitors in perspective

Bryan Chaffin:

Apple saw almost as many visitors to its retail stores as Disney sees at its theme parks around the world.

Wow. There are some other great comparisons in the chart too.

Update: Bryan updated the article to show that Apple actually had 370 million for the year, not 120 million.

  • jawbroken

    I can’t leave a comment on that article because I keep failing the captcha for no apparent reason, but it’s totally incorrect. It wasn’t 120 million visitors for 2012, that was the number for last quarter only. For the whole of 2012 the number is a more impressive 370 million visitors, over 400 stores.

  • Wow…that article is awful.

    “This doesn’t make for a direct comparison, of course. Disney’s parks are far larger, but there are only 13 of them compared to roughly 394 Apple Stores that were open in 2012.” AND YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GO TO A DISNEY PARK!

    “far more people visited an Apple Store than went to a Major League Baseball game in 2012” SAME THING….

    “The Grammy Awards in 2012 claimed 39.9 million viewers of the award ceremony, less than a third of Apple’s total. That’s a one-night event, but again, our point is perspective.”

    What perspective? There is none! You might as well say, “there are more atoms in this glass of water than people who go to an Apple store, but our point is perspective…”

    “The NFL claimed that more than 160 million people total watched the game for at least 6 minutes. Note that this is still not as many people as Apple saw in its retail stores.”

    So? They are completely different things.

    “In the U.S. alone, some 1.37 billion people bought movie tickets in 2012, an impressive number considering that U.S. population sits at 315.3 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.”

    So you admit that “1.37 billion people” DIDN’T buy movie tickets. The number you are using is the number of tickets sold, not the number of people who bought tickets.

    There’s more but you get the idea.

    As a statistician, Chaffin makes a great guitarist….

    • rj

      Agreed. Most of those comparisons are pointless and/or sloppily-worded.

  • I wonder how much foot traffic the Microsoft stores got this past year? Anybody got those numbers? Ballmer? Ballmer? Ballmer…