Perhaps “watch” is the wrong word

Dave Caolo:

Imagine that Apple isn’t specifically designing a watch, but the next step in its portable devices. Something that does much of what iOS devices do today, only in a novel way, and is smaller than current devices.

Some great thoughts.

  • Oh Jim, you tease.

  • cronked

    Dave Caolo (along with Jim’s endorsement) sure does sound like he know’s something. Where is the puck headed?

  • Yup.

  • stevesup

    Right on. The iTick is TNBT. I dislike wearing watches but I’m beginning to get it. Add up possible medical features with readings that require wristbands. Add in exercise features. Cue Nike. Input using Siri, localized, for reminders and timers. Put on an emergency big red button for folks who fall down stairs. Do audio location monitoring for folks with sight problems. Inside, Apple only superb, souped up technology. It’s not a watch. Apple wouldn’t do a watch. It does multiple market disruption. And it loves the challenge of small and simple. At $200 it will sell a milliard units. OK, $199.

  • g

    Oh, and by the way, it tells time.

  • Some good thinking, but still stuck in the past.

    This is framed as a new device that will take the place of an existing device.

    That kind of thinking made sense when hardware was expensive, but it is cheap now, and it will only get cheaper.

    My iPhone replaced my iPod. My iPad didn’t replace my iPhone, or my MacBook. My iWatch (gag) might take some of the work my iPhone does, maybe it will take all of it, but what is most important about where the puck is going is that we will have more devices and they will work together.

  • lucascott

    I have to agree with this idea. To say Apple is making a watch is too simplistic.

    But a wearable display that could come in a wrist form or even glasses isn’t far fetched