FLEXeFX Guitar Pedals

I met the guy that’s building these during NAMM and I like what he’s doing. Go take a look at his ideas and support the project.

  • Bobby Kittleberger

    Really interesting idea. I’m not totally sure that it would catch on, but who knows. I think I’d still rather dial that stuff in by hand.

    • Bobby, the wheels can still be turned by your hand but this gives you an option. Also, look at the video at the bottom of the Kickstarter page to see how you can set the wheel’s thresholds. The stops allow for a hard, manual preset.

  • I had a v1 Boomerang phrase sampler where the volume control was a roller like these. It worked really well.

    • Victor, I had one of those too and wanted to design my pedal to work in a similar fashion. However, I couldn’t keep dirt, debris and moisture out of the enclosure. The Boomerang is big enough to keep the electronics far away from the wheel but such is not the case in a pedal where the footprint size is a big consideration. My pedal is 3.75″ x 5.5″. Thanks for the comment.

  • satcomer

    This guy should look for a Venture Capitalist to get to a manufacture. Kickstarter is no place to start a business.

    • Satcomer, While it’s true that Venture Capitalists are a more traditional means to start a business, many companies have started via Kickstarter; most noteably, the Pebble wrist watch – which raised $10 million.