Apple’s rumored TV-related event in March

Apple is gearing up for a special media event next month related to its television initiative that may deliver the tools developers will need to prepare applications for a formal relaunch of the company’s Apple TV product, analysts for Jefferies Equity Research said Wednesday.


  • Carlos


  • chjode

    And there it is.

    It’s always good to hear the voice of reason on these analysts’ claims.

    Also, $1500 for a 42″ TV? Who is going to buy that? I’d rather spend $99 on an Apple TV and connect it to whatever television I choose.

  • Steven Fisher

    I have an AppleTV, and I really can’t decide if my problem with the AppleTV is that I own too many or not enough.

    This is completely irrelevant to the rumoured AppleTV relaunch, but since that’s such a ridiculous rumour I don’t see much point in commenting on it.

    (Thanks, Jim.)

  • BOOM !

  • mjl225

    Aw man, thanks for bursting my bubble Jim.

    • Blame the idiotic rumor sites for putting air in your bubble in the first place.

      • mjl225


        • mjl225

          Alright, I should’ve known better: it was a rumor site commenting on an analyst’s predictions.

      • “Putting air in your bubble” is my new favorite euphemism!

        • LOL And it’s wonderfully flexible, too! You can use it as a pick up line. 🙂

  • I wonder what Apple intends with regards to apps on Apple TV. Are they only thinking about content providers now or do they plan to have an SDK available for everyone? I can see good arguments for both sides.

    • Christopher Levin

      Yea, we need apps on the ATV.

    • without some measurable increase in the internal storage, I don’t see how anyone expects the current AppleTV to have storage for general apps. The existing model needs most of its internal flash memory for buffering video downloads. There’s no room to be installing Infinity Blade on there and still expect to have space for the device to perform it’s primary function.

      Conversely, app “Channels” are incredibly small (being essentially front pages for browsing streaming content), so I think you’d have to have a craptonne of them on there before you’d run into storage problems.

      • equals42

        That’s ok. I want Amazon Instant Video or other links to stuff. Even a link to my fav online radio station would be welcomed. It would be interesting if Apple did put a version out that had enough storage for games. A beefier proc and it might be a different take on the upcoming console war with PS4 and Xbox720. They have to be thinking about jumping in there don’t they? If only to keep MS from trying to own the home media aspect.

  • I was half-ready to believe this rumour. I can’t shake the feeling that Apple has “something” up it’s sleeve to fill the hole left by the now-gone March iPad event. Will we really hear nothing from the company until WWDC in June?

    (besides a 10.9 preview that is)

  • lol!!

  • BC2009

    I commented this morning on that Misek’s predictions sounded like a bunch of crap. Nice to see Jim shoot him down too.

  • Gaussian Blur

    My heart skipped a beat waiting for AT&T’s molasses LTE to load the page… wondering if a surprise “yep” was imminent, but instead, it was exactly as expected…

  • MacGoo

    Jim Dalrymple: regularly raining on my parade. Thanks for the clarification anyways Jim.

  • Colin Jensen

    So the spring event will be for new iPads?

    • Frank

      … or maybe an iPad or iPhone Micro with a built-in carrying strap. 🙂

      Probably a “NOPE” too.

    • What “spring event”?

  • How about a MacPro FCP X event for NAB — April 6?

    • That would be great. But I think Apple’s bigger bang for the buck would be the MacPro at WWDC. That crowd WANTS that machine. But I’ll be at NAB this year, so I really hope Apple’s there with FCPX.

  • GTWilson

    I was sort of hoping for an SDK…eventually. I can live with “nope” though.

  • FileSystem

    I don’t understand why Jim is always pissed at Samsung for stealing from Apple. His famous “Yeap” and “Nope” are stolen too. Remember Steve’s famous yeap/nope email replies???NOBODY…NOBODY brought this up..even Dan during Amlified. Even he don’t make money out it, but still ….

  • ShawnL

    The Beard hath spoken. (or was that a Heineken belched “Nope”?)

  • If it’s up to the content providers and the cable companies, I’m convinced it will be a no forever.

  • “Nope” there is no event or “Nope” the event is not a relaunch of AppleTV?

  • SockRolid

    Does Apple want a few premium apps on Apple TV, like CNN or NBC or HBO or Netflix? Yes.

    Does Apple need 600K apps that run on Apple TV? No.

    Should Apple allow just anyone to publish apps for Apple TV on a special Apple TV App Store? Never.

    • Christopher Levin

      Well, what we have today isn’t working is it? Here in Sweden we have a bunch of region local streaming services, do you know how many of those are available on the ATV? None.

      If there was a more direct way into the ATV springboard it would really help sell the ATV in more regions…

      • Exactly. Apps for regional and smaller content providers would be great. I’d like to see it managed a bit better than the Roku’s channels are. Roku’s channel selection is huge, but it’s littered with substandard crapola that isn’t updated anymore. However, some very small specialty channels can get a bit more exposure by being put in as a channel rather than fighting it out amongst the lists of podcasts.

        Smaller content providers could make channel apps as well, so something similar to what I use on my iPad for Tech.TV could be on my ATV also. Rather than subscribe through the Podcasts on the ATV or stream from the iPad, I could just have it on the ATV. (Yes, the iPad-to-TV streaming is great, but sometimes I just want to play from the ATV itself.)

        Where would you store the apps? iCloud. Most are small enough to transfer and run. There could be an expansion of storage space to keep the most used apps/channels locally, also.

  • The truth has spoken.

  • Wahat

    As if anybody asked…

  • Bernhard Grabowski

    TV + iPad5 tech inside + iOS + SDK + App Store + external controller = makes, among other things, an awesome gaming console (assuming developers can adapt their apps to the screen format & customers can use their already bought apps, a new step up in terms of “universal apps”).

    Alternatively they can simply remove the screen and battery from the iPad, give it some more I/O, make it a hockey puck and call it Apple TV X generation. Maybe things will be much easier than Wall Street envisions it. Isn’t that the usual way of Apple?

    Also looking at the 27 iMac makes one sometimes wonder – will they just stretch it and downgrade the computing power?

  • I hope they will release the new Mac Pro in March

  • Mr. Jim Dalrymple, Will we get a March event in 2013? Your a trusted source!

  • So much for that rumor. Thanks for putting it out of its misery.

  • ATVFanBoy

    Apple will announce that they have hidden exactly three crash points in the ATV3 that can be used for a jailbreak. They will do this to encourage a jailbreak and boost sales, thus raising the stock price.

  • I like it when you simply say nope.

  • “Apple is gearing up for a special media event next month related to its television initiative that may deliver the tools developers will need to prepare applications” yup. “for a formal relaunch of the company’s Apple TV product” nope 🙂

  • “Apple, if it chooses to do so, will simply kill Playstation, Wii-U and xBox by introducing an open 30%-cut app/game ecosystem for Apple-TV. I already make a lot of money on iOS – I will be the first to write apps for Apple-TV when I can, and I know I’ll make money. I would for xBox if I could and I knew I would make money. Maybe a “console-capable” Apple-TV isn’t $99, maybe it’s $199, and add another $79 for a controller. The current numbers already say a lot, even with Apple-TV not already an open console: 5.3M sold units in 2012, 90% year-over-year growth — vs. xBox 360 — about 9M units in 2012, 60% YoY decline.” Xbox founder

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  • Mike

    Apple is going to have the software run on your iOS device, and have the screen AirPlay to your AppleTV. This is how they do it now already. So go develop those Apple TV apps.