Stream HBO Go to your TV over AirPlay

Speaking at our D: Dive Into Media conference on Tuesday, HBO’s Eric Kessler said “effective today we will be enabling AirPlay” for HBO Go.

HBO still say they’re coming to Apple TV.

  • Domicinator

    I find this dumb. If you can AirPlay it to your TV from the HBO Go app, that means you have HBO in your cable service, which means you can just play it on your TV without the Apple TV anyway. The AirPlay function is useless.

    • Not if you are not at home.

      • Bingo

      • Domicinator

        Yeah, I thought about that, but how often are you in that situation where you really want to watch HBO and you’re not in your house and the house you’re in has Apple TV?

        • kibbles

          in December i stayed in a hotel w/ Apple TVs in each room and wifi.

    • HBO Go offers on demand play of almost every episode of every show run on HBO in the past 10 years. HBO “in your cable service” doesn’t let you do that (at least not on Verizon).

      • Right on the head, or if you have only one cable box but multiple TVs.

  • GTWilson

    My money stays in my wallet until they can just skip the damned cable part and stream directly.

  • About damn time. I don’t really care if it gets on AppleTV as long as they uncripple AirPlay, but firing up the Xbox just to watch HBO shows was getting annoying.

  • This is why Apple needs to let the guard down on the Apple TV and open it up for people to dev on. In doing so, I believe HBO would gladly deploy an Apple TV app with cable subscription sign in.

    • tylernol

      that has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is the content deals that HBO has signed with the cable operators.

      • ESPN, Turner, etc do TV Everywhere so HBO could do the exact same thing: force you to sign in via your cable provider to access the content.

        I hear you on contracts but if they wanted to change…they could, if their contracts prevented TV Everywhere scenario.

        • tylernol

          it is probably some contract detail we are not privy to but HBO feels that they are now able to partially work around it with the airplay. Good enough for me for now, Game of Thrones starts soon.

          • Yeah, I feel you there; very possible. AirPlay definitely provides a worthy alternative for sure.

            Man, I hear a TON of great things about GoT. I’m going to have to dig in.

          • tylernol

            I was initially resistant to it since it seemed like LoTR with sex, but it is a bit more complex than that, it is more like a fantasy version of the historical War of the Roses.

          • Cool.

          • kibbles

            yeah actually has nothing in common w/ LoTR, other than swords and english accents.

  • HBO needs to allow users to pay for HBOgo without having a cable subscription..

  • andrew

    I wish Apple would fight them and not allow an app until HBO uncouples from a cable subscription. But I suspect that’s not going to happen.

    • It certainly isn’t going to happen under those circumstances. HBO makes WAY too much money from cable providers.