Another Samsung translation

While not a main talking point of the interview, [Samsung Executive Vice President David] Eun told All Things D’s Kara Swisher that he saw the seemingly endless legal struggle as “a loss” for innovation in the fast-moving tech industry.


We are very upset that Apple is focused on the lawsuits and not releasing more amazing products that we can blatantly steal.

  • stsk

    Good one… wait for the Apple Haters to start parroting the lines of the interview in the forums. Chaebol Loyalists forward!!!

  • OK I know that Samsung stole some design ideas from Apple and was sued for it. But all phones from samsung since Galaxy S have been their (flat, boring) design. This “let the deny it” stratigy from Jim is getting kinda boring. Samsung makes good phones that look nothing like the iPhone. And they are selling them in huge volume.

    • And S-Voice on the SGS3 was a totally innovative idea by Samsung, not influenced by any product that a major competitor released (cough) and the design of S-Voice was also totally Samsung’s own design and they came up with the perforated metal and violet color all by themselves^^

      • Thats quite funny Because S-Voice was based on Vlingo Voice and is a licenced app (customized for Samsung by Vlingo). But the best thing is that Vlingo voice was availble on Android 1 year before Siri came out.

        • JohnDoey

          Then why does it look like Siri?

        • StefanVanPerlo

          S-voice is a copy of Siri, using a different tech basis (like Siri). The age of the tech used isn’t relevant (Siri too was built on older tech).

    • Steven Fisher

      Do you actually believe that? That’s horrifying.

      • So the design of Galaxy sIII and Note II is stolen from iPhone ? What iPhone is that ?

        • da_n

          iPhone Plus press release: “We looked at cell-phone sizes and found 4.97″ is a magic size, no-one else is doing this right now. It’s the iPhone you always loved, just with more iPhone. We also found something else, something revolutionary, at 4.97″ stylus input suddenly becomes human again, it’s natural, so we designed what we call the iStylus®, a revolutionary input system never seen before. When you don’t need it, the iStylus is hidden inside the body of the phone, if you don’t need it, you don’t even have to know it’s there. We like to call this the iPhone Plus.”

          Seriously though, how can anybody compare the Note/Note II to an iPhone. The LG Prada had a touch screen and came out before the iPhone, this doesn’t mean it was the same thing.

    • JohnDoey

      That is absurd.

      Samsung has shipped basically 3 generations of smartphones:

      • one that was a clone of the Treo when the Treo was the #1 smartphone

      • one that was a clone of the BlackBerry when the BlackBerry was the #1 smartphone (which Samsung called “BlackJack” until a court told them to stop)

      • one that was a clone of the iPhone once iPhone became the #1 smartphone (which was such a blatant copy that even the Google founders begged Samsung not to ship it because it ruined the deniability of Android’s iPhone cloning)

      The shape of the enclosure is not “the design.” Design is how it functions. You can go function by function through Samsung’s smartphones and ask them why did you do this? Why did you design it this way? And the answer in every case is “because the iPhone did it that way.”

      • “how it functions” are we talking about “its a big touch screen” or more specific ? I have to admit that i dont see more likeness in iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II than One X, lumia 920 etc. They all have it in common to be a large touchscreen devices but they all have their destinctive features.

        • StefanVanPerlo

          Of course pretty much the entire industry is filled with touch based devices with obvious references to the iPhone, most of them were very popular after 2007 (no idea why?). Google helped out there. We’re now entering the era after the initial blatant ripping of into the more subtle areas of derivatives and mix-ups.

          The difference; in a stale market, do something profoundly different, and turn an industry upside down, vs, see something that does that and copy it, grabbing the biggest chunk of the market that can’t afford the former.

          Apple “stole” a lot, but never ripped off. Samsung did.

          • I’m a former iPhone user (2G, 3GS and 4) and current iPad and Apple TV user. I like apple and think that their design and philosophy is better in many ways. But all this “samsung phones are pure junk and their users eather stupid or lazy” is getting really tired and i find myself agreeing less and less with apple supporters like Jim. Samsung makes great phones that, despite their many flaws, are a better choice for many people than iPhone.

          • StefanVanPerlo

            I can understand that, and you are right; many of samsungs phones are great. I still think iPhones are better, but I like what Nokia is doing, blackberry and I like the nexus too.

            I just don’t like the company.

            I’m glad most lawsuits are over. It’s time to move on and I’m hoping for apple to come in somewhere (NFC, TV, Voice) and do something in such a good way others feel they have to copy, again.

            It’s hard to differentiate between ripping off and getting inspiration.

          • Steven Fisher

            You’ve missed a subtlety. It isn’t “their users are stupid or lazy,” it’s “their developers are stupid AND lazy, and rely on the tech press being stupid or lazy.”

  • da_n

    It’s fairly undeniable that Samsung heavily borrowed design language from Apple for its older models, so no qualms here about the legal fight. However, will be interesting if the rumours of a 5″ iPhone are true, Apple taking ‘Note’ of its competitors… Just saying. I own a Note II (with CyanogenMod) and came from an iPhone 4, there is a lot to be said for a larger screen, no matter how much you laugh at it Mr Dalrymple! Love the podcast by the way.

    • StefanVanPerlo

      Size matters 😉 i hardly used my ipad 3, bought a mini and use it all the time.