CSS3 test

Test your browser. I got two different scores in Safari, although they were close. Chrome scored about nine points higher.

  • samdchuck

    “This test checks which CSS3 features the browser recognizes, not whether they are implemented correctly.”


  • Cam

    My results:

    Camino 2.1.2 37% Safari 6.0.2 55% Firefox 18.0.2 56% Chrome 24.0.1312.57 63% WebKit 537+ 65%

  • Chrome FTW!

    Friends don’t let friends Safari! 😉

    • Gonji

      Except of course when they don’t want their friends to be information farmed by Google.

      • Lulz. Keep believing that.

        • Gonji

          Gotta believe in something

          • Yep but I stay away from conspiracy theories.

          • Gonji

            Nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get idle minds moving

          • Joe

            In what possible way is it a conspiracy theory to propose that Google makes almost ALL OF ITS REVENUE by data mining and selling its users personal information in the form of ad targeting? This is simply a fact.

          • Lawd y’all kill me with that. Show me one instance of Google selling personal data, not basic usage data (views, browser, etc).

  • Gonji

    My results

    Safari on iPad 3 6.1 – 55% Chrome 24.— on Windows 7 machine (gag) – 63% IE9 on Windows 7 machine – complete fail. Didn’t run at all.