Chinese Lunar New Year travel madness


Chinese New Year is the one time of year when everyone returns to their home villages to see family members and it’s been called the largest annual human migration in the world.

Some Chinese who can’t get train or plane tickets find creative ways to get home for the holiday. China Daily reports that one adventurous soul took a scenic route home, using “48 buses, a ferry, a free ride and his own feet to carry him 660km to his home town.”

You think traveling around the US is hard at Thanksgiving? It’s a cakewalk compared to the insanity in China this time of year.

  • I once made the huge mistake of trying to travel China around the time of the Chinese New Year. It was insane! Getting tickets was the biggest problem, not only because often the only option left was the most expensive price category, but also because sometimes I’d reserve tickets with a vendor online, pay a deposit and a week later when I come to claim these tickets and pay the rest of the money, I was told they had been sold to someone else. The explanation that I got for this a few times? The vendor was offered more money for them.

    Travelling China is great, it can be fun and educational, but for the love of God, don’t go there around the New Year’s celebrations.