Surface Pro selling out

Paul Thurrott suggests that at least one Microsoft Store and other retailers are sold out of the Surface Pro 128GB model. He also said that Microsoft’s online store is sold out of that model.

This is great news for Microsoft, but I’ll wait until I hear exactly how many were sold before I congratulate the company too much.

  • It’s at least as much as 18.53% of Kindle sales.

  • Jim, I don’t think those exact sale numbers are ever going to come.

    • matthewmaurice

      They didn’t report Surface RT numbers, so really can’t report Surface Pro numbers. If they do report millions of Pros sold, everyone will conclude that RT sales were less. It’s far better, for Microsoft, to pull an Amazon and simply stick to the message that “Surface Pro demand is high, and resulted in a complete sell-out at all of our retailers.”

      • Under no circumstances would Microsoft have built millions of these things. Couple of hundred thousand at most, I’m betting.

  • DigitalPossiilities

    I think there are still a lot of Microsoft fanboys (pardon the expression) who have bought into their vision of a hybrid laptop/tablet and have been waiting with baited breath for the Surface Pro. Hence the sell out seems quite credible.

    The real test will be long term sustained sales and an increase in website views from the surface.

    Let’s see!

    In any case, better hop down to Future Shop to give that and the Z10 a try.

  • So either PC fans can’t buy enough of these, or it was like the Zune and simply an issue of Microsoft not having the operational savvy to build and ship enough of each model to maintain functional inventories.

    Apple isn’t just good at product, it’s also leading the industry in operational efficiency. Most people take that for granted.

  • A laptop that you can’t use on your lap + a tablet that is too heavy to hold in one hand – oh, and its battery lasts less than half a day. They might make for a nice in-store demo, but I bet they get a ton of returns.

  • I wish them all the sales they can muster.

  • Dean Johnson

    I wonder what the return rate will be when the reality of the device sets in. I suspect the battery life thing will be the killer.

  • I think I found the reason it was sold out:

    Many retailers just didn’t receive any.

  • G

    I really do wish them success, they need it. But emails and tweets talking about Apple-like lines, but no pictures is not proof. Also if the stores received only one or two products to sell as some have also reported, this is a lot of nonsense. Just like Blackberry, the numbers better be big. The real numbers.

  • elijahnicolas

    it’s easy to “sell-out” when each store only carries one device and others didn’t receive a shipment. Such a fallacy.

  • BC2009

    Reports from people are saying 1 or 2 units at each Best Buy or Staples and 60 units at Microsoft Store. If that is true then there is nothing exciting about this “sell out”. Microsoft probably won’t tell us real numbers.

  • I think I remember knowing someone who once sold out of all their lemonade on the sidewalk outside their house.

    • Crystal Light is doomed!

      • If only they’d better understood their own supply chain.