In Brazil, footage of spiders showering the skies

Laughing Squid:

In the Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina, spiders known as Anelosimus eximius were shot by Erick Reis as they showered the sky. Marta Fischer, a local biologist, is quoted at G1 as saying (translated), “…They are usually in trees during the day and in the late afternoon and early evening construct a sort of sheet webs, each makes his and then they come together. The goal is to capture insects.” She also says this phenomenon is normal.

Normal? NORMAL!? There’s nothing “normal” about thousands of spiders just hanging around in the evening sky!

  • DT

    Yeah, insects, right … those spiders have definitely tasted human blood … they’re actually collaborating hoping to score a couple of kids.

    • Judging by the size of that net, they’re trying to catch a plane.

  • Boo

    Holy hand-grenades, that’s freaky as hell. Apparently their also a “social spider” and live in colonies that can consist of thousands of spiders.

    • shudder –
  • Buckeyestar

    In the words of someone I once knew, “Put that place on my shit list!”

  • Sure spiders are creepy. But think of all the bugs they kill.

  • [-does a google search for distance between his house and Santo Antônio da Platina-]

    Answer: 4,720 miles

    [-breathes sigh of relief-]

  • Note to self: NEVER GO TO BRAZIL!!

  • Scott Roberts

    While living in Paraguay I saw a lot of these type of spiders. They bunch together doing the day and when it starts getting cooler, they begin to spread out, spinning a large area with their webs. Biggest fear…. walking into one of these at night!

    • My biggest fear would be if the spiders ever found out how tasty humans are! 🙂