Cassette tape case for iPhone

I saw a number of these at NAMM in LA a few weeks ago. Everyone loved them and they looked really cool.

  • Boo

    That’s pretty nifty, Jim. Takes me back.

    Maybe they should make an 8-track one for Samsung’s Note.

  • It’s a mindfuck, blast from the past, awesome

  • BC2009

    These have been out for years. My niece had one two years ago.

  • jtr3

    The people at NAMM are a little late to the party. My friend bought me one on eBay from China over a year ago, which means they had been on the market somewhere else even earlier.

  • Hey guys, Jon here from Rocketcases. The cassettes have been out for awhile, but these are a big improvement. They’re made of TPU plastic instead of the soft silicone. This means it protects better and doesn’t get stuck when trying to slide it in or out of your pocket. This is our third design of it and it works great!