Beer drinking glass perfectly engineered for IPAs

IPA Esquire:

Beer is made by way of science. So it makes sense that a beer’s vessel should be constructed through science, too. And it makes perfect sense that the top craft pale-ale seller in the nation Sierra Nevada, and cultish extreme-beer fiends Dogfish Head — two companies that have gone to great lengths to make science improve their brews — collaborated with German glassmakers Spiegelau to engineer a glass specifically for the drinking of IPAs.

Serious beer drinkers know the shape and style of glass you drink your beer from can affect the taste of the beer itself.

  • satcomer

    The perfect example of a hipster.

    • Hipsters drink crap beer and pretend to like it. Gourmands actually enjoy good stuff and want to make it better when they can.

  • Dave

    It’s true, Peggy gave me some glasses specially designed for drinking scotch. They do work well the lip of the glass is very comfortable and the shape collects the aroma and delivers it to nose very well.

  • satcomerB