The 100% cheese grilled cheese sandwich


What if I were to make a grilled cheese sandwich that used this cheese in place of bread? A grilled cheese sandwich that was 100% cheese!

I like cheese more than any mouse but even I think this “sandwich” is a heart attack starter kit.


    Dude, do you know that

    1 reason for Heart Disease is Exercise (calcium deposit).

    2 Gum Disease (bacteria).

    3 Stress Hormones (exercise like chemicals)

    Did you know cholesterol is produced by the Liver to be used by every cell in your body every day. Cholesterol is a steroid which is converted to Vitamin-D by the Sun…

    Sure to much Fat is bad because it is stored and it attracts bacteria because it is food. so body wraps the fat in inflammation (immune system).

    Sugar is bad because humans aren’t used to sugar because it is not found in nature in great quantity.

    You are afraid of all the wrong things because you have been taught for so long that you can’t see straight.

    • Boo

      Condescending much?

    • Dude…do you know that you may have been the victim of an unintended humorectomy? I’d have that looked into.

    • Yeah. Bacteria lives in your body fat.

      Right. Isn’t there a Jenny McCarthy marathon you are missing? I’ll bet you think there is mercury and cow pus in vacinnations as well.

  • Ew. I like snacking on cheese by itself, but this is too much. Bread and cheese is too good a combination to lose.