Michael Dell’s open letter to customers

Michael Dell:

I am confident we are making the right decisions to position Dell, our customers and employees for long-term success. There is much more we can accomplish together.

I can’t wait to see what he does.

  • crustyjusty

    Me neither. But the more time he spends on financial engineering, the less time he has to focus on product engineering. An employee I know just returned from an annual meeting and that’s what everyone was talking about.

  • I doubt much. He has had his time and now it looks like the history books will be written that the time has passed for Dell. They relied to much on Intel and Microsoft to direct their future. They do have some good designs and some nice servers. But it does not look good for them. Maybe they can make the transition to the services side of business. We will have to see.

  • Dell’s new laptop category: The Exobook.

    Dell doesn’t make it. You have to find it outside Dell.

  • MacsenMcBain

    He threw a few darts at a wall full of business jargon, and that’s supposed to reassure the customers?

  • Dell’s another tool who throws around the word “innovation” as though he still has a right to use it. He lost that right after having taught Asus how to undercut his entire PC business.

    “Inorganic investment” means mergers and acquisitions. He’s stalling until he can sell off the rest of the company. Bet he’s in talks right now with Bain.

  • D Pauw

    A good comparison is look at Jobs return WWDC 97 appearance compared to this. Admittedly the format is different but Dell could have tried much harder to explain things to people. I’m guessing this is intentional.

  • lucascott

    Well at least he practices what he preaches

  • Distant voice on the phone…

    Good Luck.