Good design

Rian van der Merwe:

[Dieter] Rams didn’t say that good design disappears completely. “As little design as possible” is not about making things invisible, it’s about “not burdening products with non-essentials”. It’s about making the right choices about what should be there, and what shouldn’t.

Great article.

  • I think the video editing metaphor is apt. The editing should be invisible, but the experience of the film shouldn’t be. Just like with an app, where the interface should be invisible, but the function shouldn’t be. But invisible doesn’t mean non-existant. On the contrary.

    The edit, like the interface, is there to guide the viewer/user. If there were no need for guidance, the editor would just take the master shot of every scene and let it play uninterrupted. But instead, there will be times when the editor realizes you should be able to see the expression in a character’s eyes when they say a certain line, so they cut to the closeup. The closeup was what the moment called for, so when they cut to it you don’t even perceive the change, you just perceive the experience of getting deeper into the character’s thoughts and feelings, which is what you wanted. If the editor didn’t cut to the closeup in that moment, you might actually experience a disconnect from the moment because your unconscious desire wasn’t fulfilled – you’ll notice the edit because there was a lack of editing.

    Lack of editing, like lack of interface, is not the same as making the edit or interface invisible. That’s where I think people get confused.