Eulogy for BlackBerry

Kevin Roose on his using his BlackBerry Z10 review unit:

But then you died. After four days of trying you out, for no reason at all, you simply refused to turn on. I removed and replaced your battery, tried to manually reset you, and even connected you to my laptop to see if I could revive you that way. But you stayed there, motionless and dark, the lifeblood drained from your mini-USB port.

Hey, what’s that noise? BlackBerry circling the drain.

  • Yeah, I don’t know anyone who ever got a lemon iPhone. This clearly spells the end for BlackBerry.

    • You got that backwards… Whenever Apple has the most minor of problems they immediately exhume Nixon. Everybody else has a free pass.

      • When you’re at the top, it’s a bigger deal if you slip up. That’s totally normal and not some sort of anti-Apple conspiracy. Right now if the president slips up, or it even looks for a moment like he might have, it’ll make the papers more than if whatever his name is who lost the election to him slips up, even if it’s in a major way. That’s normal. I don’t understand why Apple fanatics insist that this is some sort of problem that only plagues Apple.

        • And just like that, Safari on my iPad crashed, and when I reopened it all the tabs I had previously closed were open again. If this happened on a BB device I’m sure Jim would see it as a totally normal thing that just happens sometimes… I’m sure of it.

    • DanPierce

      Yes, when you are shipping a few million or tens of millions of phones a quarter, there are bound to be a few duds.

      But this was a review unit. You would think they would exercise a little more quality control for phones given to people who you would like to evangelize your product.

      • Yes you would. But it’s also hard to say what will necessarily cause a lemon to be a lemon, and the symptoms don’t always present themselves right away. The phone worked for him for four days. It’s not like it showed up DOA.

        My second most recent MacBook Pro showed up at my door from the apple store with pink lines running all up and down the screen. Shit happens. Apple were darlings about getting me a replacement ASAP, for what it’s worth.

  • TiredOfHaters

    Hey, what’s that noise? It’s the sound of Jim Dalrymple circling the drain.

  • Dean Johnson

    That sound you hear is the Beard heartily laughing!

  • I will remind you guys, however, that whether or not a product is great isn’t tied directly to the company’s success. I watched Win 98 go BSOD on TV right next to Bill Gates, and Windows still rocked the market for years after. Is the BB10’s crapping out for NYM embarrassing? Yes. Does it mean the BB10 sucks? Maybe. Will it kill the company? Doubtful.

    • DanPierce

      Well, when you have a monopoly on the desktop, you can get away with releasing duds, exhibit A: Vista.

  • I’d have been more impressed if Roose had tried to get a replacement demo unit.